“Get people talking and connecting again in the workplace”

Make your office come alive again! Since covid we all work differently and the way we communicate is different, mentoring with Jo will change that and you will see people more aware and inquisitive!

• Mentor anyone in your company to communicate better.
• It really is an open book, and the mentoring will deliver what you need.
• Mentoring sessions with weekly check in’s.

People are what I am all about. I am very good at helping people communicate, adapt and connect in any situation.

My mentoring programme is for organisations that have people that may need guidance on communication and adaptability, when you put those two together the connection happens.

I believe that when advising, training and mentoring you must keep it real and below are just some of the benefits you will get from working with me:

  • Closer synergy with your role and responsibilities.
  • Learn how to be inquisitive and make connections.
  • Open your mind and visualise more effectively.
  • Ask open questions and communicate better.
  • Listen, Evolve, Adapt

I am happy to host sessions remotely or at your premises – please give me a call for an introductory discussion with no obligation.

Make your office and team come alive!

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